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International Bibliography of Sign Language

This bibliography provides for the first time in international Sign Language research a reference book taking into account at the same time linguistic research as well as its adaption to teaching and interpreting. The first edition (updated supplements are planned from time to time) covers 6.400 entries referring to texts in their original language from all over the world as well as ca. 500 videotapes. These entries are classified according to the following areas: bibliography; history; research (general accounts); research (methods); lexicology; grammar; sign language acquisition; psycholinguistics; sociolinguistics; signed language; sign language teaching; interpreting; education of the Deaf; sign language and deaf community

The welth of data is revealed to the user by a number of English headwords (English and German equivalents are given in the appendix) whose various degrees of differentiation permit immediate access to general as well as specific inquiries. These headwords are annotated to the titels giving summarized information about the contents of the texts. Systematic access is allowed by a register of headwords in the appendix in addition to a register of authors.

The bibliography is also available on CD-ROM (Apple) based on a specially designed library-program (LIDAT) which grants most differentiated possibilities to work with the data given.

Joachim, Guido & Siegmund Prillwitz: International Bibliography of Sign Language . Geb. / Hardcover, 664 Seiten, Signum 1993, ISBN 3-927731-33-1. EUR 46,00

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