HamNoSys. Version 2.0. Hamburg Notation System for Sign Language
An Introductory Guide

Sign languages have so far been confined to day-to-day communication among deaf people. That is why no sign writing has been created and established up until today. In order to do research into sign languages, however, a detailed notation system – similar to phonetic transcription of oral languages – is essentially required. The Hamburg Notation System (HamNoSys) has been developed for this purpose. It comprises about 150 symbols for the exact transcription of signs on four levels: handshape, hand orientation, location, and movement.

A special system of iconic symbols was developed for the description of handshapes. This made it possible to do without the manual alphabet which varies according to the respective countries. Thus an international applicability of HamNoSys is ensured.

HamNoSys was developed as a bit-map and laser font for APPLE Macintosh computers, and at the same time it forms the basis for further computer programs of the Hamburg Center (H.AN.D.S., SyncWriter, HamNoSys Editor, Computer Dictionary).

Prillwitz et al.: HamNoSys. Version 2.0. Hamburg Notation System for Sign Language. An Introductory Guide. Broschur / Paperback, 46 Seiten, Signum 1989, ISBN 978-3-927731-01-1. EUR 10,22

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